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Welcome to Broomfields Apples

Broomfield's Mail Order English Apples are all online for you to purchase and receive by post.

At Broomfield's you can be assured of a wide range of Home Grown, English Variety Apples. We pride ourselves on growing and producing quality apples at seasonal intervals. This means that you benefit from an eclectic mix of flavours and apple textures for eating almost straight off the tree or for cooking with.

English Apple Pedigree

Although the Broomfields family has been growing Apples for a hundred years, the business has come a long way since Sarah Broomfield started selling her produce before the First World War.

The Broomfield fruit farm at Holt Heath was established in the thirties but it was in the early 60s that the business took on its present form in the Farm Shop selling farm-fresh produce direct to the public. To begin with Bramley Seedling and Worcester Pearmain was the main apple crop. Over the years however, the ‘Broomfield expertise’ added an amazing number of apple varieties including Cox’s Orange Pippin – perhaps the best apple in the world according to Maurice Broomfield, Sarahs grandson. Among other favourites are Discovery, Crispin and the delightful Egremont Russet. Of course, the famous and well-loved Worcester, still a firm favourite, and the Bramley, undisputedly the worlds finest cooking apple.

Please look through all of the web site and in particular our recommendations for eating and our recipes ideal suited for our leading apple varieties.

Today, Maurice’s son Colin has overall responsibility for the business, together with his wife Fiona who runs the retail activities. Included in these are the Farm Shop, supplying an abundance of fruit, a wide selection of vegetables and other local produce representing the very best in quality and value from farms and smallholdings in the district.

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Click the image above to download our
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